Scholastic Achievement and Life Outcomes

A Higher Standard for Living

A recent study of life outcomes conducted at the University of Notre Dame produced some astounding results. This 2018-2019 study compared alumni (ages 24-42) from public, secular private, Catholic, evangelical Christian, religious homeschool, and ACCS (classical Christian) schools, on topics of life-choices, preparation, attitudes, values, opinions, and practices.

This research confirms what history has repeatedly demonstrated—classical Christian education can influence the course of a home, a community, or a nation. Understandably, some will view the results of this survey skeptically because of the significant differences between classical Christian schools and the others surveyed.

Higher Academic Achievement

On average, our students test two to four grade levels above the national average (see graphs below).

SCCS is not a “gifted” school. Our dedication to classical Christian pedagogy combined with an excellent teaching staff take ordinary children from where they are and elevate them to be the very best students they can be.


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